1975 Parad
1975 Worcester Pride Parade, courtesy of Telegram & Gazette

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Exhibit opens April 25 and runs to October 12, 2019

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30 Elm Street, Worcester, MA

This exhibit foregrounds the histories, voices, experiences, and images of the city’s LGBTQ+ community. For more than fifty years, Worcester LGBTQ+ people have claimed spaces for themselves, demanded equality, lived out loud as their authentic selves, and took care of their young, old and sick. This struggle for equal rights has been filled with love and loss, forward progress and continued homophobic assaults, as well as legal victories and bitter political defeats. The struggle continues, as the LGBTQ+ community fights with their allies to establish, protect and enhance the rights of transgender, non-binary, and other sexual minorities. The exhibit positions itself as part of a broader effort to reclaim history and set the record queer.

Opening Reception