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Personal photo courtesy of Dot Woodcock

Assembling LGBTQ+ Worcester For the Record has been a community effort, as numerous people have shared their images, sat for interviews, and added their stories to the historical record. While the exhibit marks a milestone in this community-led initiative, there is still more to discover.

Since much of Worcester’s LGBTQ+ history remains in the hands of the very people who claimed spaces for themselves, demanded equality, lived out loud as their authentic selves, and took care of their young, old, and sick, we need your help. Worcester Historical Museum and Digital Worcester encourage you to talk back to the exhibit: correct the historical record where necessary, supply additional detail, or extend the storyline in new directions.

There are many ways to share your history:

We are a community of many voices, and we will not consider the archived closed or the record complete as long as our history continues to unfold.

leo Gallo

Personal photo courtesy of Leo Négron Cruz